MPAC - My Pretty Auntie Closet was an idea formed by its owner Omega AUNTIE Mothersill. Her inspiration for creating MPAC was women who looked like her. Women who are middle aged and mature enough not to want it all hanging out, yet conscious enough to say I am not over hill and I refuse to wear my grandmother’s clothes. 

She considers herself stylish, sassy, sexy, sophisticated and statuesque. Auntie wanted clothing that embodied the woman that she is without her looking anything less than lady that she always present herself to be.  She quickly learned through her plus modeling career that there was no middle ground in fashion retailing. Either the clothing was ultra sexy or matronly. With her understanding that 45 is the new 25, hence therein lies the problem.  Many of her friends and family members are turning 40ish, however, they look and feel 30ish. Her thoughts are, so why should they have to dress 50ish or 60ish? Auntie knew there were others out there that would cosign on her feelings, therefore MPAC was birth.

An online boutique that understands that sexy yet classy plus size women needs a quality retail outlet.  All pieces are hand selected by Auntie, therefore MPAC has a true Boutique feel.  You will never find 10 of the same pieces on MPAC. All products are of the finest quality and many of the pieces are designer pieces. We carry L to 3X. If you see something you like but not in your size, please call MPAC directly at 304-504-MPAC Monday through Friday 9am to 9pm, ALL messages will be promptly returned.